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Patchouli Room Spray 4 oz

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Patchouli Room Spray 4 oz

Patchouli Room Spray 4 oz

Price: $10.00


Product code: 1555

Patchouli Body Room and (some clothing) Spray

Patchouli with its earthy aroma promotes a grounding balancing effect, banishing lethargy and sharpening the mind. Spray as needed in the room or on your body. Close eyes if spraying directly onto skin.   You can also spray Patchouli Room Spray on clothes, linens, and bed sheets.

Patchouli- 4oz Brushed Aluminum Bottle with Black Atomizer Cap.

There is a natural tint in this essential oil. We recommend doing a test spray before using on fabric and linens. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, Apple cider vinegar, Patchouli Essential Oil.

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