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Emu Oil

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Emu Oil

Emu Oil

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Emu Carrier Oil

Emu Oil is an incredible lipid replenishing ingredient which may be used in all types of skin care, cosmetic, soaps and OTC pharmaceutical preparations. Its unique penetrating properties make it an excellent carrier vehicle for other ingredients to assist their transdermal penetration. Emu Oil also helps milden bar soaps to make them less drying. Emu Oil has bee used in Australia for thousands of years as a natural remedy for the treatment of skin disorders such a eczema, psoriasis, burns, sunburns, abrasions and dry skin.

It has also been used topically for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, as it is believed to have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can penetrate the skin.

Suggested Use Levels:  Lotions & Creams: 2-10%: Bar Soaps: 4-10%; OTC Topicals: 3-20%

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