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Geranium (Egypt)

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Geranium (Egypt)

Geranium (Egypt)

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Geranium (Egypt) Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Pelargonium Graveolens

Country of Origin/Extraction Method: Egypt/Extracted oil by steam distillation from the leaves, stalks, and flowers.

Properties for use in Aromatherapy: Geranium encourages speedy healing, and can be used as an antiseptic on the treatment of wounds and cuts.  A good essential oil for all skin types as it balances sebum production and stimulates both dry and oily, sluggish skin.  Can be used to treat acne, bruises, burns and minor scalds.

Geranium is often touted for its ability to provide a valuable remedy for problems caused by a fluctuating hormone balance in women.

Blends well with: most other oils and harmonizes and balances other scents.

Safety: non-toxic, non-irritant, generally non-sensitizing; possibly contact dermatitis in hypersensitive individuals

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"Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've received the package today and everything made it unharmed. I immediately mixed up some of the Sinus Opener with the almond oil and rubbed it on my chest and under my nose. It was immediate relief! - Thanks!!!"