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Laurel Leaf (Turkey)

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Laurel Leaf (Turkey)

Laurel Leaf (Turkey)

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Laurel Leaf (Turkey) Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Laurus nobilis

Country of Origin/Method of extraction: Turkey/Essential oil by steam distillation from the dried leaf and branchlets.

Properties for use in Aromatherapy: In ancient times the laurel leaves were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to crown their victors. It is little used internally in modern times due to its narcotic properties.

With a spicy medicinal fragrance, it is often used today as a fragrance component in detergents, cosmetics, especially aftershaves.

Blends well with: pine, cypress, juniper, clary sage, rosemary, lavender, citrus and spice oils.

Safety: Relatively non-toxic and non-irritant; can cause dermatitis in some individuals.  Use in moderation due to possible narcotic properties attributed to methyl eugenol.  Should not be used during pregnancy.

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