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Myrrh Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Commiphora myrrha

Country of Origin/Extraction method: Ethiopia/Essential oil by steam distillation of the crude myrrh.

Properties for use in Aromatherapy: In China it is used for arthritis, menstrual problems, sore and hemorrhoids.  In the West it is considered to have an 'opening, heating, drying' nature good for asthma, coughs, common cold, sore throat, ulcers and sores.  Current in the British Pharmacopoeia as a specific for mouth ulcers, gingivitis and pharyngitis.

Blends well with: A warm, sweet-balsamic, slightly spicy medicinal odor.  It blends well with frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin, cypress, juniper, mandarin and more.

Safety: Non-irritant, non-sensitizing, possibly toxic in high concentration.  Not to be used during pregnancy.

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