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Jojoba Butter

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Jojoba Butter

Jojoba Butter

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Jojoba Body Butter is derived from neutral golden Jojoba Oil, a cold pressed ester from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia Chinensis. Jojoba Butter contains monounsaturated long chain C20, C22 fatty acids with a relative high content of eicosenoic acid. Those monohydric ester waxes offer higher oxidative stability with an exceptional smooth and elegant feeling on the skin. Jojoba Butter contains natural tocopherols to help minimize lipid peroxidation. The resultant “butter” is a beautiful golden yellow color with a slight nutty odor typical of Jojoba. May be used in cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, OTC pharmaceuticals, sun care and nutraceuticals.

Suggested Use Level for Jojoba body butter: Lotions & Creams 3% - 5% | Balms: 5% - 100% | Bar Soaps 3-6% | Hair Conditioners: 2-5%

Proposed INCI Name = (Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil / Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil)

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  • Additional Description

    Jojoba butter is derived from natural golden Jojoba Oil, a cold pressed ester from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia Chinensis. 

    Jojoba is very similar to sebum (the natural moisturizer produced by our bodies) and gives the skin a smooth silky texture.  It is useful for treating acnes, eczema, psoriasis and inflamed skin.




"Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've received the package today and everything made it unharmed. I immediately mixed up some of the Sinus Opener with the almond oil and rubbed it on my chest and under my nose. It was immediate relief! - Thanks!!!"