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Ignite Your Senses Roll-on

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Ignite Your Senses Roll-on

Ignite Your Senses Roll-on

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Ignite Your Senses Roll-On:

Designed to help remove obstacles to balance, restoration, and promote positive confidence, Sweet Orange with its mildly sedative and antidepressant effect is recommended for treatment of anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia.  It is also beneficial for soothing dry, irritated, or acne -prone skin.  Considered to have regenerative properties making it useful for rough, aging, or calloused skin.  The Fruity floral scent of Bergamot is lively, yet gently uplifting.  It is recommended for people who are tense, anxious, or depressed.  Its antiseptic action makes it beneficial for treating wounds, herpes, and skin issues like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.   Lavender, with its harmonizing effect on the nervous system is known for its ability to assist in dealing with stressful situations.  It is also regarded as the first choice in alleviating insomnia, especially when the insomnia is due to mental stress and anxiety.  Some find it helpful for migraines and headaches.  The therapeutic value of Jasmine is considered by many to be inseparable from the exquisite, comforting sweetness of its aroma and the effect it has on the mind and emotions.  Considered one of the most effective essential oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness and depression, it is often described as a powerful antidepressant of a stimulating nature especially when lethargy is a symptom, and has been described as changing our mood so intensely that it offers little choice except optimism. It is thought to help diminish fear, enhance self-confidence, and defeat pessimism.  Cypress, considered a venous decongestant with strengthening properties.  It helps in time of transition such as career changes, moves, and the bereavement or ending of close relationships by providing one with a sense of harmony and serenity.  Sandalwood, relaxing and soothing for nervous tension and anxiety is reputedly helpful in dealing with attitudes of obsession.  It is thought to encourage the feeling of peace and acceptance when we cut ties with the past. Jojoba Oil is used as a carrier.

Other options for the Ignite Your Senses essence include:

The Ignite Your Senses Spa Blend that can be used as a perfume, in a room diffuser, humidifier, or in a tub of warm water.  It can also be diluted with a carrier oil for a whole body massage oil.

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