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Mental Fatigue Roll-on

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Mental Fatigue Roll-on

Mental Fatigue Roll-on

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Product code: 3266

Mental Fatigue Roll-on:

Feel like you just cannot get your mind to “quit thinking” and actually go to sleep after a long hard day at work, try the Mental Fatigue Blend -- and enjoy the peaceful rest that results.  Apply the blend to pulse points across the forehead, at each temple, under the ears, at the back base of the neck, on each wrist and elbow at bedtime.  Mental Fatigue can even be used during the day to relax the mind when you feel like you have been “thinking too hard and long”. This blend of pure essential oils has been diluted in Jojoba Oil and is ready to apply directly to the skin.  Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint Essential Oils.

Other options for the Mental Fatigue essence include:

The Mental Fatigue Essential Oil Massage Blend that is ready and safe to use as a whole body massage oil.

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"I like your blends. I like the quality of the oils I consistently order from you."