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Lavender Rose

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Lavender Rose

Lavender Rose

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Product code: 3075

Lavender Rose Spa Oil Blend:  Imagine a “hint of Rose” with a “lingering essence” of Lavender that makes you sigh, breathe in another whiff, and feel stress free for the moment.  If you love fresh roses and /or fresh lavender, you will love this essence.  It makes a wonderful perfume when 1 drop is place under each ear.  It is also a beautiful blend to diffuse throughout your room, whole house, or environment when you want to feel relaxed or need to mentally go to your “favorite spot”.  Lavender has chemical properties that have a harmonizing balancing effect on the nervous system.  It is also regarded as the first choice for use in cases of insomnia.  Rose, known as the “queen of flowers” is known as a gentle but potent anti-depressant.  It has a soothing effect on emotions, particularly in times of depression, grief, or resentment.  Rose eases nervous tension & stress, and lifts the heart.  It is considered to leave one with a more positive feeling.  Lavender Rose Spa Blend is also an excellent oil to use on your skin.  Both Lavender and Rose have tissue regenerating properties that are beneficial to mature, dry, damaged, and/ or wrinkled skin.  To use it as an oil on your skin, blend 6 drops of the Lavender Rose Spa Oil Blend with 2 teaspoons of a carrier oil like Almond, Grapeseed, or Jojoba.  You can also use a blend of different oils or our Moisturizing Blend sold under Carrier Oils.

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