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Looking to buy essential oils?

Business member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Then look no further. At Flinthills Aromatherapy, Inc. we specialize in making the finest pure essential oils available on the market today. When looking to buy essential oils it’s important to only buy high quality, organic products. We strive to bring to the best, most natural ingredients for your health and home. We take extreme care in giving you the best aromatherapy oils across our entire product line. We try to locally source all of the materials we can to truly create a thriving local community and economy, while contributing to the health and growth of you and your family.

We currently produce  and market 100% Soywax Candles made from American grown soybeans and scented with pure Essential Oils. Our 100% Natural Ear Candling Cones are handcrafted in the Kansas Flinthills from Unbleached Cotton Muslin, Kansas produced Bees Wax and these same 100% Pure Essential Oils.

Flinthills Aromatherapy, Inc encourages the use of renewable naturally occurring plant based products which are healthy for human use and safe for the global environment.Our goal at Flinthills Aromatherapy, Inc. is to provide products and services to our customer in a friendly, prompt, and convenient way at a fair price.

To check out our entire product offering go to our essential oils store.


Mental Fatigue Blend

"Hi Wanda, Just wanted to let you know that I have let some friends use my Mental Fatigue Blend and they are loving it. One girl is going through a divorce and she had finals and work and was under some Major Stress. Her Doctor put her on tranquilizers just so she could sleep. She tried the Mental Fatigue Blend and her words were “I slept like a DEAD ROCK” Thank You, Thank You."